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Every Time
- by Film Construction Bronze Winner
— 2013

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Bronze Winner — 2013

Every Time- Film Construction


Rosita Rawnsley - Mason(Republic of Everyone) Art Director
Ben Akers(Republic of Everyone) Creative Director
Sandy Widyanata Director
Keith Heygate Assistant Director
Earle Dresner DOP
Andrew Holmes(Heckler) Editor
Sandy Widyanata Visual Effects
Adrian Lux(Teenage Crime Radio Edit) Original Music Composer
Todd Falusi(Sound Reservoir) Sound Engineer
Yoomin Lee Colourist
Rick McMullen Lighting
Peter Sutton Lighting
Pim Kulk Camera Assistant
Inaki Deubago Camera Assistant
Tim Pietranski(Film Construction) Producer
Tom Gibson(Film Construction) Executive Producer
Bonnie Law(Heckler) Post Production Producer
Angela Mayer(Republic of Everyone) Digital Producer
Lucy Jackson(Republic of Everyone) Account Manager
Ben Peacock(Republic of Everyone) Managing Partner
Paul Varolo Production Manager
Xanthe Highfield Production - Design
Jodie Vignes(Sound Reservoir) Sound Company
Reece Turner Client Executive
Seb Cumberbirch Client Executive
James Lorenz Client Executive
Film Construction Production Company
Greenpeace Australia Client