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The People's Film, 60 Years Together
- by Finch Silver Winner
— 2014

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Silver Winner — 2014

The People's Film, 60 Years Together- Finch


Jae Morrison Editor (Finch)
Jae Morrison Director (Finch)
Jimeno Murray Producer (Finch)
Jim Walsh Art Director (Colenso BBDO)
Mick Stalker Deputy Creative Director (Colenso BBDO)
Nick Worthington Executive Creative Director (Colenso BBDO)
Jen Story Head of TV (Colenso BBDO)
Karen Bryson Executive Producer (Finch)
Rob Galluzzo Executive Producer (Finch)
Shane Taipari Sound Design (Franklin Rd)
Peter Ritchie Colourist (Blockhead)
Andrew Timms Online (Beryl)
Nick O'Donnell Account Manager (Colenso BBDO)
Finch Production Company
Colenso BBDO Agency
Volkswagen Client