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Words can be Weapons
- by Ogilvy Beijing Silver Winner
— 2014

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Silver Winner — 2014

Words can be Weapons- Ogilvy Beijing


Yong Xie Designer (Ogilvy Beijing)
Lei Fu Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Kaixin Li Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Soonguan Poh Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Xingsheng Qi Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Fei Wang Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Xiadong Xiao Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Yong Xie Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Jason Wee Interactive Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Guilin Bo Copywriter (Ogilvy Beijing)
Wilson Chow Copywriter (Ogilvy Beijing)
Chuya Li Copywriter (Ogilvy Beijing)
Juggi Ramakrishnan Copywriter (Ogilvy Beijing)
Wilson Chow Creative Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Graham Fink Creative Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Xingsheng Qi Creative Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Juggi Ramakrishnan Creative Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Doug Schiff Creative Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Fei Wang Creative (Ogilvy Beijing)
Morris Ku Editor (Ogilvy Beijing)
Yu Guo 3D Lead (RedWorks Beijing)
Diederik van Middelkoop Music Composer (Massive Music Shanghai Producer)
Jing Li Producer (Ogilvy Beijing)
Quetina Yang Digital Producer (Ogilvy Beijing)
Rita Yang Digital Producer (Ogilvy Beijing)
Eric Wu Technical Developer (Ogilvy Beijing)
Bob Wang Strategic Planner (Ogilvy Beijing)
Jeremy Webb Strategic Planner (Ogilvy Beijing)
Ben Xu Strategic Planner (Ogilvy Beijing)
Kaiser Sound Studios Sound Company
Center for Psychological Research, Shenyang Client