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Be Moved
- by Assembly Silver Winner
— 2014

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Silver Winner — 2014

Be Moved- Assembly


Oonie Chase Director Experience Design (W+K Portland)
Devin Gillespie Art Director (W+K Portland)
Robbie Rane Art Director (W+K Portland)
Claire Bateman Copywriter (W+K Portland)
Charlie Gshwend Copywriter (W+K Portland)
Mike Giepert Creative Director (W+K Portland)
Dan Hon Creative Director (W+K Portland)
Pierre Wendling Digital Director (W+K Portland)
Rhys Dippie Technical Director (Assembly)
Billy McDermott Creative Technologist (W+K Portland)
Jason Sack UX Lead (W+K Portland)
Susan Hoffman Executive Creative Director (W+K Portland)
Joe Staples Executive Creative Director (W+K Portland)
Jeff Nusz Developer (Assembly)
Matt Wilson Developer (Assembly)
Damon Duncan Director (Assembly)
Matt von Trott Director (Assembly)
Craig Speakman 3D Lead (Assembly)
Geoff Kirk Smith 3D Team (Assembly)
Marko Mandaric 3D Team (Freelance)
Alex McLeod 3D Team (Freelance)
Sergey Poltavskiy 3D Team (Freelance)
Alex Scollay 3D Team (Freelance)
Gary Sullivan 3D Team (Assembly)
Amanda Chambers Executive Producer (Assembly)
Tricia Huetig Interactive Producer (W+K Portland)
Trish Adams Account Team (W+K Portland)
Diana Gonzalez Account Team (W+K Portland)
Nick Larkin Account Team (W+K Portland)
Lisa Christy Comms Planning (W+K Portland)
Anibal Casso Strategy Director (W+K Portland)
Justin Micklish Interactive Strategy (W+K Portland)
Laura Hall Interactive Strategy (W+K Portland)
Matt Hisamoto Interactive Strategy (W+K Portland)
W+K Portland Agency
Sony Client