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Break the Barrier
- by The Brand Agency Silver Winner
— 2014

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Silver Winner — 2014

Break the Barrier- The Brand Agency


Craig Buchanan Creative Director (The Brand Agency)
David Donald Art Director (The Brand Agency)
Craig Buchanan Art Director (The Brand Agency)
Craig Buchanan Copywriter (The Brand Agency)
David Donald Copywriter (The Brand Agency)
Gemma Kay Agency Producer (The Brand Agency)
Holly Creasey Account Director (The Brand Agency)
Paul Yole Strategy Director (The Brand Agency)
Grant Sputore Director (The Penguin Empire)
Kelvin Munro Producer (The Penguin Empire)
Allan Myles DOP
Grant Sputore Editor (The Penguin Empire)
Dave McDonell Visual Effects (Last Pixel)
Brad Habib Sound Engineer (Soundbyte Studios)
Brad Habib Sound Design (Soundbyte Studios)
Andrew Wright Sound Design (Soundbye Studios)
The Penguin Empire Production Company
The Brand Agency Agency
St John Ambulance WA Client