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Australia Lives Here - Discovery
- by Belgiovane Williams Mackay Silver Winner
— 2014

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Silver Winner — 2014

Australia Lives Here - Discovery- Belgiovane Williams Mackay


Cam McMillan Art Director (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Jake McLenna Copywriter (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Time Gill Deputy Creative Director (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Murray White Executive Creative Director (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Rob Belgiovane Regional Executive Creative Director (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Abby Hunt Head of TV (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
John Hamburg Director (Saville Productions (US))
Larry Sher DOP (Saville Productions (US))
Diane Leuci Producer (Saville Productions (US))
Kath Raphael Producer (Method Studios)
Rupert Maconick Executive Producer (Saville Productions (US))
Sonia McLaverty Agency Producer (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Luisa Peters Agency Producer (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Peter Whitmore Editor (The Editors)
Paul Le Couteur Sound Engineer (Flagstaff Studios)
Jacob Hewitt Account Director (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Nicholas Robinson Senior Account Director (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Mark Watkin Group Account Director (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Susannah Stoney Strategy Director (Belgiovane Williams Mackay)
Saville Productions (US) Production Company
The Editors Edit House
Flagstaff Studios Sound Company
REA Group Client
Belgiovane Williams Mackay Agency