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Live Dive
- by DDB Group New Zealand Silver Winner
— 2015

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Silver Winner — 2015

Live Dive- DDB Group New Zealand


Guy Denniston Copywriter
James Conner Senior Art Director
Christie Cooper Senior Copywriter
Haydyn Kerr Digital Creative Director
Chris Schofield Creative Director
Shane Bradnick Executive Creative Director
Damon Stapleton Creative Chairman
Rosie Grayson Agency Producer
Kate Moses Agency Producer
Steve Gulick Editor
Jason Vertongen Designer
Jim Pacal Designer
David Woon Designer
Judy Thompson Executive Agency Producer
Liz Knox Digital Producer
Cameron Crosby Developer
Braden Wikohika Developer
Shethal Pradhan Digital Planner
Parker Mason Digital Planner
Jonathon Rea Senior Account Manager
Scott Wallace Group Account Director
Rupert Price Strategy Director
Craig Baldie Client Executive (Lion)
Ben Wheeler Client Executive (Lion)
Michael Taylor Client Executive (Lion)
Alison Futcher Client Executive (Lion)
Zenith Optimedia Media Company
Robber's Dog/Yaptone Media Production Company
The Coopers/Beatworms Sound Company
The PR Shop PR
Lion Client