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Get Cash
- by DDB Group Melbourne Silver Winner
— 2015

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Silver Winner — 2015

Get Cash- DDB Group Melbourne


Chris Andrews Art Director
Chris Hanrahan Copywriter
Glen Dickson Creative Director
Simon Bagnasco Executive Creative Director
Darren Spiller Chief Creative Officer
Simon Thomas Head of TV
Grantley Smith Director (DDB Sidekick)
Christopher Tovo Photographer (Freelance)
Marissa Brain Editor
Alex Badham Editor (Freelance)
Jimi Woo Editor (Freelance)
Josh Cameron Visual Effects
Damian Dunne Compositor (Freelance)
Carol Sinclair Agency Producer
Kristofer Taylor Business Director
Angela Smith Business Director
Simone Blakers Group Business Director
Craig Bailey Creative Partner
Gusto Music Music Production Company
Westpac Client