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Google Play, "Through the Dark"
- by R/GA Sydney Gold Winner
— 2016

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Gold Winner — 2016

Google Play, "Through the Dark"- R/GA Sydney


Jess Bateman Senior Designer
Kate Allan Copywriter
Aaron George Creative Technologist
Blake Kus Creative Technologist
Michael Armstrong Creative Director
Shruti Rai Interactive Director
Gavin McLeod Executive Creative Director
Hamish Stewart Executive Creative Director
Margo Lowry Producer
Julia Rush Producer
Gerjan Leppers Head of Production
Jeff Donios Technical Director
Natalie Brend Senior Account Director
Cory Nicely Strategic Planner
Justine Cusack Social Planner
XYZ Studios Animation Company
Essence Digital Media Company
Exit Films Production Company
Poem Group PR Company
R/GA Sydney Agency
Google Client