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- by Revolver/Will O'Rourke Silver Winner
— 2016

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Silver Winner — 2016

Whale- Revolver/Will O'Rourke


Steve Rogers Director (Biscuit Filmworks & Revolver/Will O'Rourke)
Mandy Walker DOP (Freelance)
Nick Morrissey Copywriter (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Matt Sorrell Art Director (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Jarrod Higgins Creative (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Jason Bagley Creative Director (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Craig Allen Creative Director (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Tim Davies Creative Director, Shoot Supervisor, 2D Lead (The Mill LA)
Mark Fitzloff Executive Creative Director (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Joe Staples Executive Creative Director (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Dan Roberts Senior Producer (The Mill, LA)
Pip Smart Executive Producer and Producer
Monica Ranes Producer (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Lindsay Reed Senior TV Producer (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Susie Boyajan Executive Producer (Lime Studios)
Thatcher Peterson Executive Producer (The Mill, LA)
Enca Kaul Executive Producer (The Mill, LA)
Antonio Hardy Colour Producer (The Mill, LA)
Holly Vega Executive Producer (Biscuit Filmworks)
Sasha Hirschfeld Executive Post Producer (Freelance)
Ben Grylewicz Head of Production (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Gavin Cutler Editor (Mackenzie Cutler)
Tom Graham 3D Lead (The Mill, LA)
John Leonti Head of 3D (The Mill, LA)
Samuel Casas Sound Engineer (Lime Studios)
Leon Morland Production - Design (Freelance)
Michael Anastasi Sound Design (Barking Owl)
Sam Shaffer Sound Design (Mackenzie Cutler)
Adam Scott Colourist (The Mill, LA)
Liam Doherty Account Manager (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Michael Dalton Account Manager (Wieden + Kennedy, Portland)
Kris Drenzek Production Coordinator (The Mill, LA)
Shawn Lacy Managing Director (Biscuit Filmworks)
Michael Ritchie Managing Director and Executive Producer
Wieden + Kennedy, Portland Agency
Biscuit Filmworks & Revolver/Will O'Rourke Production Company
Old Spice Client