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Tiger Trading Co.
- by Revolver/Will O'Rourke Silver Winner
— 2016

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Silver Winner — 2016

Tiger Trading Co. - Revolver/Will O'Rourke


Leslie Sharpe Senior Art Director (Marcel Sydney)
Tom Vukelja Senior Digital Art Director (Marcel Sydney)
Gavin Chimes Senior Copywriter (Marcel Sydney)
Bridget Jung Digital Creative Director (Marcel Sydney)
Scott Huebscher Executive Creative Director (Marcel Sydney)
David Nobay Founder and Creative Chairman (Marcel Sydney)
Emmanuel Bougneres Head of Art (Marcel Sydney)
James Dive Director (The Glue Society)
Chris Beghin Senior Print Producer (Marcel Sydney)
Jasmin Helliar Producer
Holly Alexander Head of Production and Producer (Marcel Sydney)
Josh Mullens Executive Producer and Head of Projects
Alexandra Buckland Account Director (Marcel Sydney)
Silvana Azzi Heras Curator and Designer
Michael Ritchie Managing Director and Executive Producer
Knox Cassidy Account Executive (Marcel Sydney)
Cathy Song Senior Strategist (Marcel Sydney)
Iona Macgregor Chief Strategy Officer (Marcel Sydney)
Thomas Ambrose Production - Design
Ryan Bernal Client Services Director (Marcel Sydney)
The Glue Society  Design/ Project Direction
Heckler Post Production Company
Revolver/Will O'Rourke Production Company
Marcel Sydney Agency
Tiger Beer Client