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- by DDB Sydney Silver Winner
— 2016

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Silver Winner — 2016

#Comeonin- DDB Sydney


Trong Ronakiat Art Director
Shane Geffen Copywriter
Pete Galmes Creative Director
Shaun O'Connor Creative Director
Toby Talbot Chief Creative Officer
Fraser Kelton Editor
Danny Grifoni Sound Engineer
Anna Wright-hands Producer
Sevda Cemo Head of Broadcast
Sora Nobari Executive Producer
Isabella Harris Assistant Producer
Shaun O'Connor Technical Director
Lauren Mason Account Manager
Alyce Cowan Account Director
Mandy Whatson Managing Partner
Kieran Cooney Managing Director (Interbrand)
Nicole Taylor Managing Director
Robert Crispe Content Director
Fran Clayton Planning Director
Tina Alldis Group Account Director
DDB Sydney Agency
Sydney Opera House Client