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MND - The Fading Symphony
- by Photoplay Films Silver Winner
— 2016

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Silver Winner — 2016

MND - The Fading Symphony - Photoplay Films


Guy Patrick Creative (The Works )
Dave Ganley Creative Technologist (The Works )
Husein Alicajic Director
Simon Chapman DOP
Suzanne Kim Producer
Patrick Mazzolo Producer (The Works )
Husein Alicajic Executive Producer
Dave Flanagan Head of Production (The Works )
Joe Morris Editor (Cutting Edge )
Neil Finn Music Composer (Freelance)
Tim Minchin Music Composer (Freelance)
Tony David Cray Sound Design (Tony David Cray )
Benjamin Northey Mobile Technical Director
Erica Wong Project Manager (The Works )
Paul Swann Creative Partner (The Works )
Vanessa Hartley Strategic Planner (The Works )
The Sydney Symphony Orchestra Music Composition
Photoplay Films Production Company
Cutting Edge Post Production Company
Poem PR Company
The Works Agency
MND Australia Client