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Mum's Wish
- by DDB Group New Zealand Silver Winner
— 2016

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Silver Winner — 2016

Mum's Wish- DDB Group New Zealand


Brett Colliver Creative Director
Mike Felix Creative Director
Shane Bradnick Executive Creative Director
Damon Stapleton Chief Creative Officer
Steve Ayson Director (The Sweet Shop)
Lachlan Milne DOP (The Sweet Shop)
Larisa Tiffin Producer (The Sweet Shop)
Simon Price Editor (ARC Edit)
Zoe Alden Group Account Director
Nikki McKelvie Group Account Director
Jaheb Barnett Business Director
Fiona King Managing Director (The Sweet Shop)
Rupert Price Planning Director
Lucinda Sherborne Planning Director
Guy Cousins Client Executive (New Zealand Lotteries)
Keri Merrilees Client Executive (New Zealand Lotteries)
Palace Studio Post House (Online)
The Sweet Shop Post Production Company
Soundtree London Music Production Company
The Sweet Shop Production Company
DDB New Zealand Agency
New Zealand Lotteries Client