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The Riderless Bike
- by Havas Creative Group Silver Winner
— 2016

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Silver Winner — 2016

The Riderless Bike- Havas Creative Group


Damian Galvin Creative
Zac Pritchard Creative
Josh Bryer Digital Creative Director
Gustavo Vampre Digital Creative Director
Seamus Higgins Executive Creative Director
Stuart Turner Executive Creative Director
Kelvin Saik Director (FINCH)
Vicki Saik Director (FINCH)
Nic Adamovich Senior Designer
Darren Cole Design Director
Clint Crothers Design Director
Adam Shutler Design Director
Amy Dymond Producer (FINCH)
Hazel Gibson Producer (FINCH)
Corey Esse Executive Producer
Cara Szabo Assistant Producer
Angelica Scott Digital Producer
Emad Tahtouh Technical Director (FINCH)
Nick Day Senior Account Manager (Red Agency)
Lawrence Pretty Senior Account Manager
Richard Kettle Account Director
Carly Pelham Account Director
James Wright Managing Director (Red Agency)
Brenna Baeyens Account Executive (Red Agency)
Peter Lochead Senior Account Executive (Red Agency)
Bohdi Lewis Strategy Director
Harriet Tahtouh Broadcaster
Patrick Barnes Technical Production (FINCH)
Hamish Pain Technical Production (FINCH)
Albert Woffenden Technical Production (FINCH)
FINCH Production Company
Havas Creative Group Agency
The Steve Waugh Foundation Client