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AWARD EXCLUSIVE: Corporate Members and AWARD Members Only

Passion trumps talent: JWT’s Matt Eastwood reveals how passion and potential go hand in hand.

Passion and imagination tend to be thought of as entities that can assist your career, but not necessarily make or break it. Skillsets are what initially qualify you for a job opportunity, and if you happen to be passionate about your profession, you might be one of the lucky ones.

But JWT Worldwide chief creative director Matt Eastwood says it’s time to rethink this misconception. He firmly believes that passion is the strongest indicator of potential, and prefers passion over talent, pedigree and a well-tailored suit. 

No matter what the subject, people who are passionate about something are usually more passionate about everything - including their work. That’s why it’s valuable to have everyone from shoe lovers to Formula One afficionados on your team.

Learn more about how passion fuels a creative, dynamic work environment in this exclusive AWARD event.



For Corporate Members and AWARD Members only

Time: 4.30pm Wednesday 22 March, followed by drinks  

Venue: J. Walter Thompson Sydney, Boardroom, 235 Pyrmont Street, Pyrmont 

Cost: $28 per person - Corporate and AWARD Members only


Numbers are strictly limited so book now!