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A Day in The Life
- by The Butchery Editorial Services Bronze Winner
— 2014

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Bronze Winner — 2014

A Day in The Life- The Butchery Editorial Services


Jo Scott Editor (The Butchery)
Jeremy ROuse DOP (Finch)
Jake Barrow Senior Art Director (GPY&R Melbourne)
Katie Britton Senior Copywriter (GPY&R Melbourne)
Ben Coulson Executive Creative Director (GPY&R Melbourne)
Christopher Riggert Director (Finch)
Catherine Anderson Producer (Finch)
Michael Hillard Executive Producer (Finch)
Sheridan Bott Executive Agency Producer (GPY&R Melbourne)
Freya Maddock Post Production Producer (The Butchery)
Mark Mitchell Music Composer (Electric Dreams)
Paul LeCouteur Sound Engineer (Flagstaff Studios)
Andrew Clarkson Colourist (Method Studios)
Ziggi Zigourais Online (Method Studios)
Ella Ward Account Manager (GPY&R Melbourne)
Matthew Hunt Account Manager (GPY&R Melbourne)
Claire Minns Account Manager (GPY&R Melbourne)
Lachy Larmour Account Manager (GPY&R Melbourne)
Ian Sawers Account Manager (GPY&R Melbourne)
Rob Galluzzo Managing Director (Finch)
Mike Hyde Planner (GPY&R Melbourne)
Finch Production Company
Method Studios Post Production Company
The Butchery Edit House
Electric Dreams Music Production Company
GPY&R Melbourne Agency
AGL Client