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Eyes on the Road
- by OgilvyOne Beijing Silver Winner
— 2014

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Silver Winner — 2014

Eyes on the Road- OgilvyOne Beijing


Minsheng Zhang Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Xufeng Zhou Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Morris Ku Art Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Andy Chow Art Director (Answermark Limited)
Lei Song Copywriter (Ogilvy Beijing)
Doug Schiff Copywriter (Ogilvy Beijing)
Graham Fink Creative Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Doug Schiff Creative Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Kama Yu Creative Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Daquing Wang Creative Director (Ogilvy Beijing)
Eggtart Chow Director (Answermark Limited)
Kai Ho Ng Assistant Director (Answermark Limited)
Gloria Cheung Assistant Director (Answermark Limited)
Sam Yip Assistant Director (Answermark Limited)
Alfred Pong DOP (Answermark Limited)
Jovi Lee DOP (Answermark Limited)
Alan Yip DOP (Answermark Limited)
Avis Or Producer (Answermark Limited)
Irene Ng Producer (Answermark Limited)
Morris Ku Agency Producer (Ogilvy Beijing)
Rita Yang Agency Producer (Ogilvy Beijing)
Jovi Lee Post Production Producer (Answermark Limited)
Eggtart Chow Editor (Answermark Limited)
Yu Guo Visual 3D Lead (Redworks Beijing)
KK Chau Sound Design (Answermark Limited)
Sun Zhang Visual Designer (Redworks Beijing)
Xing Wan Visual Designer (Redworks Beijing)
Wanqiu Lin Visual Designer (Redworks Beijing)
Answermark Limited Production Company
Ogilvy Beijing Agency
Volkswagen Client