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Please ensure you read the AWARD Entry Kit for full details on categories and entry requirements. This document will also provide important category descriptions and mandatory submission information.

Please ensure you read the AWARD Entry Kit for full details on categories and entry requirements. This document will also provide important category descriptions and mandatory submission information.


From websites to AI, apps to mobile, the digital communications category recognises excellence in all things, well, digital.

The judges are looking for work that pushes the expectations of digital advertising. The stuff that demonstrates creative innovation in the medium. And the work that begs to be engaged. Work that interrupts news feeds, browsing and second screening. We see literally thousands of digital executions every day. Judges will award the ones that stop them and make them watch, engage, click like and remember.

Apps | Banners & Rich Media Advertising | Creative Technology | Digital Tools & Utilities | Websites | Integrated Digital Campaigns | Other 


Direct marketing is work designed to provoke a direct action from a specific, targeted audience. Whether digital, retail or traditional DM mailing, direct is more than an invitation to visit a website. It’s an invitation to respond in a more active way.

Judges will be looking for work that pushed the boundaries of response-driven creativity, demonstrating innovation in the category. We live in an age of direct personalisation. Entries will need to show how data and insights were used to clearly define and precisely target and engage the demographic.

Direct Mail | Direct Response, any media | Direct Response Integrated Campaigns | Retail |  Self-Promotion | Direct Innovation


Experiential is exactly what it says. It’s a connection experienced between brand and consumer. This can take many forms, but is defined as utilising physical spaces to do so. Experiential is where the consumer interacts with a brand with touch, taste, smell, seeing and hearing.

The judges are looking for next level brand experiences that offer genuine moments of connection. Entries should show how every touch point of the experience created engagement and brand affinity.

Events & Experiences | Guerrilla Marketing and Stunts | Installations | Retail | Best Use of Technology 

Health & Wellness

This category celebrates communications that demonstrate an inspired approach to healthcare, personal wellness, pharmaceuticals, and education. This is work that truly improves and changes lives.

Judges will be looking for creative, innovative work that breaks through the category in this highly regulated sector.

NOTE: All work entered into this category should have been created specifically for or by a health and personal wellbeing related brand/service.

Charity work is eligible in this category but must be created specifically for or by a health and personal wellbeing related brand/service.

Animal Health | Consumer, Patient and Professional Products | Prescription Pharmaceuticals | Disease Awareness | Health Awareness and Social Responsibility | Health Brands & Services 


The integrated category rewards campaigns that demonstrate excellent use of multiple channels to create a cohesive and creative brand idea. Each channel should have a purpose and should clearly demonstrate how it adds to the campaign’s objectives.
Judges will examine how the idea is enhanced in each of the channels, not just repeated. Each channel should play a role to justify the expenditure.

Integrated Campaign 

PR & Promotion

This category recognises the power of PR and promotional campaigns, programs and tactics as creative tools. Judges will be looking for innovative and creative ideas that actively engage consumers and audiences, and demonstrate quality in strategic planning and innovation.

Creative Use of Media | Best Use of Content | Best Use of Digital and Social Media | Best Use of Events and Stunts | Best Use of Paid Talent and Influencers | Best Use of Unpaid Talent and Influencers | Media Relations | PR Amplification for a Campaign | PR Campaign, Business-to-Business | PR Campaign, Business-to-Consumer | PR-Led Campaign, Integrated | Product Launch | Public Affairs Campaign | Reactive Response | Sponsorships & Partnerships 

Press & Outdoor

The press and poster advertising category recognises brilliant creativity in printed publications and outdoor media, like billboards, special builds and digital poster sites.

Judges will be looking for simplicity, a clear understanding of the consumer’s behaviour with the media, and work that exhibits ingenuity, craftsmanship and stops them in their tracks.

Ambient & Special Build | Poster Advertising, Existing Sites | Poster Advertising, Interactive Sites | Poster Advertising, Tactical | Poster Advertising Campaigns | Press Advertising, Single | Press Advertising Insert & Wraps | Press Advertising, Tactical | Press Advertising Campaigns

Radio & Audio

The radio and audio category recognises the brilliant use of audio commercials and content. Judges will be looking for work that communicates an innovative idea through audio excellence, superior storytelling and a keen understanding of the consumer’s relationship with the medium.

Branded Audio and Podcasts | Radio Advertising, 0-30 seconds | Radio Advertising, over 30 seconds | Radio Advertising, Tactical | Radio Advertising Campaigns | Sonic Branding | Innovative Use of Radio & Audio

Social Media

The Social Media category recognises advertising excellence on social media and platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram and TikTok.

Judges will be looking for mobile-first ideas that creatively use social networks to communicate a brand’s message, with people and social thinking at the core. Most consumers are bombarded with advertising messages online. Demonstrate how work not only stops the consumer, but actively encourages engagement and interaction.

Best use of Social Media | Community Building and Engagement | Content Creation | Co-Created & User Generated Content | Social Videos | Tactical | Use of Talent and Influencers 


Retail forms the backbone of our economy and is a huge part of the way we live. This year in particular the retail industry has been radically affected by the Covid pandemic and the way we’ve had to go to market has radically changed with it. 

In this category we’ll be celebrating retail innovation, technology, customer experience and digital commerce to name a few but above all judges will be looking for creativity through all levels of strategy, concept and execution. 

Best integrated Marketing Campaign | Retail technology game changer | Best customer experience initiative | Best new Pop-up store | Best Use of Social Media for Commerce | Best Use of Digital for Commerce (non social media) | Best Retail Catalogue