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Where do I enter?
Please visit the website here to register and complete your entries once call for entries is open. 

When is the deadline for entries?
Find all the cut off dates here.

What is the Client Letter?
A signed letter from the client for whom the work was produced, stating that they approved the work and give permission for the work to be included in the awards. The letter also needs to include confirmation of the dates the work was first aired/ran.

Where do I supply the credits for my entries?
Credits for ALL entries MUST be submitted when entering online. Please note you will not be able to submit your entries until all necessary credits have been entered for your work. If your entry is awarded and you have failed to submit your credits, your work will be displayed at the presentation evening without credits.

Where do I need to send samples for my AWARD entries to?
Please send your work to the AWARD Office:
Courier - Attn: 

Att: Lucas Guedes
Advertising Council Australia c/o Clemenger BBDO
Pier 8/9, Lot 2, Level 2, 23 Hickson Road, Walsh Bay, NSW 2000
Ph: 0415 581 384 

Can I use abbreviations in the online entry system?
No. Please note, that if your entry is successful, AWARD will use the supplied information for the AWARD Awards Presentation Evening as well as in the AWARD Annual (title, agency and client name).

Do I have to provide A2 boards for entries?
AWARD no longer accepts A2 boards, all judging is done digitally. 

Are CDs or USBs accepted for entries?
No. All audiovisual and audio files need to be uploaded online. 

What is the minimum number of executions for a campaign?
Three (3).

Does AWARD refund entry fees?
No. AWARD does not refund entry fees. Please read carefully through the 'AWARD Entry Guidelines' booklet before you enter your work.

Do I attach an AWARD label to three-dimensional entries such as brochures, objects etc.?
No, but please write clearly the AWARD ID number on your entry (for example I.02-512).

In what currency are the entry fees listed and must be paid in?
Australian Dollars (AUD).

In what format must audiovisual files (spots and overviews) be submitted?
MOV. Specific details are outlined in the Entry Kit 

In what format must audio files (radio) be submitted?
WAV. Specific details are outlined in the Entry Kit 

If I submit a URL for a Digital entry, how long does it have to be live for?
All URLs must be live until the 31st August 2024. If the site is no longer live then a self-contained version should be made available on your own server.

How are the Agency and Production Company of the Year awards determined? Full information on our special awards can be found in the entry kit or view a snapshot here.

When will the AWARD Finalists and Winners be announced?
A list of AWARD Finalists will be announced on the AWARD website post judging.