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Creative advertising’s crash course

Creative advertising’s crash course

You don’t have to be a creative, or even want to be one.

But over 12 weeks, you will learn about great ideas, commercial creativity and how to create good ads - whether they look like ads or not.


Indigenous Application Workshop Dec 2020 / Jan 2021  Learn more
Information Night 10 February 2021  Register Interest
2021 Applications Open 11 - 25 February 2021
2021 Course
Sydney / Melbourne
Perth / Brisbane / Adelaide / Regional/Online
March - July 2021


AWARD School, established in 1983, is a globally recognised course for aspiring creatives. It’s about helping you transform your raw creativity into industry-ready thinking. 

What CV?

AWARD School doesn’t care how old applicants are, what they’ve studied or where they’ve worked. Students are selected purely on one thing; the ideas in their application. Raw ideas and determination are the qualities needed to complete the course.

Applying is easy. Getting in? Not so much. 

How to apply: submit some ideas in response to the application brief and answer a few questions. You don’t need to draw well, you just need to be able to draw an idea enough for someone to understand it.  AWARD School accepts 200 students each year from around 500 applicants. Sometimes it takes a few tries over a few years. 

Once you have submitted your application for judging, in each state the decision lies with Creative Directors who review your portfolio through a blind judging process and make the final decision as to whether you are successful.  The process usually takes a good two weeks and you will hear from AWARD School either way by early-March. Please don’t contact AWARD to check on the status of your application; when we know, we’ll let you know. 

What actually happens in AWARD School?

AWARD School runs for 12 weeks from March to July in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane and Adelaide. We also have a regional/online program, terms and conditions apply.

Each week, students attend a Monday night lecture and a weeknight tutorial (usually on a Thursday). Both start at 6:30pm. All lecturers are leaders in their field within the advertising industry. They cover topics ranging from outdoor, print and film, to radio, ambient/experiential, digital, mobile, direct, integrated and strategy.

Tutorials will be held at advertising agencies. All tutors are professional copywriters and art directors. Each week, students are given a brief to work on (there are ten briefs in all) and tutors critique the work accordingly. Most importantly tutors are there to encourage students in the creation of great ideas

Regional/Online Program 
If you’re accepted into the regional program, you will watch the lecture recordings on Monday nights via a link. On Thursdays, you’ll join the tutorial group via videoconference with your agency tutors. This means you’ll need to send or email your drawn ideas to your tutors at least an hour before the tutorial.

Indigenous Scholarships
If you’re interested in big ideas and are of Aboriginal or Torres Strait Islander descent, we’re offering scholarships valued up to $2,200 to cover the entire AWARD School course. Find out more here


2020 Costs


$2200 including GST


$2200 including GST


$1540 including GST


$1540 including GST


$1540 including GST

Regional Program *

$1540 including GST

* Conditions apply. 

Terms and Conditions

AWARD School is for anyone who wants to get better at idea creation and generation.

Some do it to find a place in a creative department, some are already in a creative department and want to get better at being in it, and some won’t be looking for a spot in a creative department. They may just want to know what they can do with their ideas and be ready to take their business idea to the next level or find out where else a career in commercial creativity can take them. 

Can you do it if you’ve already worked as an art director or copywriter in an agency for longer than 12 months in a full-time role?
Of course you can, and you can get work on ‘The Wall’* but your eligibility for a Top 10 position will be under review.

2021 indigenous scholarship and regional/online program terrms and conditions are yet to be announced.

International Students must provide proof of either a work visa or a tourist visa. AWARD School will not accept applicants on student visas. If a student breaches international visa conditions or the rules of the provider and is terminated from the course, No refund will be issued.

AWARD School students must submit original work they have independently produced.

Each AWARD School student provides permission to AWARD and Adverrtising Council Australia (formerly The Communications Council) to display their portfolio online and offline. Additionally, for communication purposes, students permit AWARD and Advertising Council Australia to share their mobile and email address with 2021 tutors and students (state specific).

Full Terms and Conditions for 2021 are yet to be announced.

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