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It’s a course about IDEAS. CREATIVE THINKING & the PROCESSES involved in coming up with great ideas & ultimately good ads.

It’s a course about IDEAS. CREATIVE THINKING & the PROCESSES involved in coming up with great ideas & ultimately good ads.


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Applications Open 7 February 2019, 10am
Applications Close 21 February 2019, 5pm

QLD / WA / SA / Regional VIC / NT

8 April - 27 June 2019
15 April - 4 July 2019

Folios due
QLD / WA / SA / Regional VIC / NT

8 July 2019
15 July 2019

Graduation Night (all states) 31 July 2019


AWARD School, established in 1983, is a special course run by AWARD for people who want to become copywriters/art directors in the advertising industry. It’s simply about helping you recognise good ideas, how to judge them & how to find INSPIRATION from them.

NO EXPERIENCE IS REQUIRED. AWARD School students are chosen purely on the merit of their ideas in their application, not what they are currently doing with their lives!

There are no age restrictions or particular tertiary requirements to be eligible for AWARD School.

To be accepted into the course, each person must submit a folio of work based on the brief set by the co-ordinators of AWARD School. This brief changes each year, but usually consists of writing some ads and submitting them in a very basic form - no professional artists required! AWARD School accepts up to 200 students throughout Australia every year and more than 500 students apply.

12 intensive Weeks

The 12-week part time AWARD School course runs from April to July in Sydney, Melbourne, Regional Victoria (remotely), Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Darwin.

Each week all students must attend a Monday evening lecture and a weekly evening tutorial session, both commence at 6.30pm. All lecturers are leaders in their field within the advertising industry. They cover topics ranging from idea creation, promo/experiential, television, radio, outdoor, online/viral, creative strategy, integrated media and new thinking.

Tutorials are held at selected advertising agencies. All tutors are professional Art Directors and Copywriters. Each week students are given a brief to work on (there are ten briefs in all) and tutors critique the work accordingly. Most importantly tutors are there to encourage students in the creation of great ideas.

Once you have submitted your application/portfolio for judging, in each state the decision lies with Creative Directors who review your portfolio and make the final decision as to whether you are successful.  The process usually takes a good three weeks and you will hear from AWARD School either way by Mid-March. Please refrain from contacting AWARD to check on the status of your application.


Find out from a few of our past students:
Meet Australia's Top Five

AWARD School National Winner Diaries

Top Student Portfolios

“AWARD School is probably the most challenging yet rewarding thing I've ever done. As a student looking to start my career, I was blown away by the guidance and mentorship passed on by my tutors and school heads.” - Antoinette France, 2018 AWARD School student, New South Wales

“Triggered parts of my brain I didn’t know existed". - D’Arcy Bush, 2018 AWARD School student, New South Wales

“12 weeks, 12 new friends and 1 experience of a lifetime!” - Brynee Roche,  2018 AWARD School student, Western Australia

“AWARD School has completely changed the way I approach problems and solve them. It really pushed me to think outside of the box and funnily enough, think of enough ideas to fill hundreds of boxes. I saw a major improvement in my work within the first few weeks, and got better at separating the wheat from the chaff. Although I didn't win, or place in the top 10, the skills I have learned are invaluable". -  Ellen Valerio, 2018 AWARD School student, Victoria

"If you are an aspiring creative but have no idea how to become one, what the job entails, know whether you are good enough, don't know anyone in the industry but still want to become a creative because it sounds like the coolest job in the world. AWARD School is perfect for you". - Cam Watson, 2018 AWARD School student, Victoria

"Doing AWARD School is like being pushed into the deep end, drowning for a bit and then realising it's the kind of thrill you've been waiting for and now want more of". - Monique Horsley, 2018 AWARD School student, Victoria

"It was an experience of a lifetime! I had so much fun creating with people who share my passion".




New South Wales
$2200 including GST
Victoria (Melbourne & Regional) *
$2200 including GST
Queensland $1540 including GST
Western Australia $1540 including GST
South Australia
$1540 including GST
Northern Territory ** $1540 including GST

* For the first time, in additional to Melbourne AWARD School, we will also provide regional Victoria the opportunity to participate in AWARD School 2019 remotely. Lectures and group tutorials will be run online.  
** AWARD School will be open for NT participants for the first time in 2019 yet will be application dependent.

Terms and Conditions

If a student is successful but declines the position for AWARD School, you must notify us within five working days of receiving your notification.

Payment must be made by the nominated date.

Course fees can be paid by credit card and direct debit. A registration form must be supplied when making payment.

If the student withdraws after the course has commenced, there will be no refund of fees.

AWARD School reserves the right to amend or postpone any part of the AWARD School programme.

AWARD School is for aspiring creatives who are new to creative departments, or looking to join one. However, it is also applicable for those who are looking to hone their creative brainstorming skills or looking to further their creative abilities in other fields. 

If you have had 12 months+ experience as an art director or copywriter within an advertising agency, you can undertake the course, but you will not be eligible for a Top 10 position but you will be eligible for having work selected for display on “The Wall”.

AWARD School students must submit original work they have independently produced. 

AWARD School reserves the right to change eligibility at its discretion.

The AWARD School Indigenous Scholarships will only be awarded to applicants that do not currently work in the advertising industry. 


International Students

International Students must provide proof of either a work visa or a tourism visa. AWARD School will not accept applicants on student visas.

If a student breaches international visa conditions or the rules of the provider and is terminated from the course, No refund will be given.