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About AWARD School Application Workshop

The AWARD School Application Workshop is a comprehensive one-day workshop where industry professionals will take you step-by-step through application tips, tricks, ammo and insider information. Essentially everything you need to know to give you a great shot at submitting the best application your brain can muster.

Is this for me?

We think this course is perfect, if:

  • You're applying for the first time
  • You've previously applied and missed out
  • Have never written an ad before
  • Only heard about AWARD School when someone sent you this link 5 minutes ago

About the day 

The day will be broken up into four modules, the first three following the format of the AWARD School application.

Module/Question 1 asks applicants a simple question. “Why are you applying for this course?” This module gives applicants tips on how to create an original and standout response to get noticed.

Module/Question 2  will focus on how to identify the core message that an ad is trying to communicate and to use as a basis to make a great one.

Module/Question 3 gives applicants a simple print brief that they create an ad for. Attendees to the workshop will receive a practice brief one week before and they’ll submit their work prior to the day. An industry professional will then work through some of the responses to demonstrate what a simple and clever piece of communications looks like.

Module 4 gives you some practical tips on what you can do between now and when the AWARD School application opens.

Getting in is half the battle

In 2018, 500 people applied to AWARD School and only just over a third made it in. Now it's time to give yourself the best chance at being one of them. 

To be accepted into AWARD School, you need specific skills:

  • Idea generation skills
  • An understanding of the key creative tools for each media
  • Presentation skills

Student Feedback

100% of past participants who attended the workshop said they now feel prepared for entering AWARD School.

“They tore apart my ad and I loved every bit of it. It made me realise I can handle the criticism and go away to make better ads. They were very real and honest about the process and constructive in their thinking.”

“I traveled from Melbourne to attend the workshop and I am very glad I did- was very worthwhile and I feel a lot more confident moving forward to craft my application. Thank you!”

“It was all great. Made me realise I wasn’t ready to apply, but now I am and it’s full steam ahead. The most helpful part was being told to go away and learn. I had no prior understanding of lateral thinking as a technique but have already smashed through De Bono and all of a sudden can’t stop thinking of ideas.”

“After having attended the workshop, I feel a lot more confident in my application and with my chances of being admitted into the course. The presenters were also very clear and open with their insights and recommendations.”


NOTE: The Communications Council makes no guarantees that you will be accepted into AWARD School after doing this Workshop. The Workshop is designed to increase your chances of success.


For more information about AWARD School, click here