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Great production requires a great producer: a half-day broadcast producers' workshop

Great production requires a great producer: a half-day broadcast producers' workshop


This members only workshop is aimed at providing a practical appreciation of how a project comes to life through production, providing a deeper knowledge of the value that production companies bring during the pitch process and the pivotal role a great producer plays throughout the production process.

Who is it for?

Junior agency producers and account service teams. ACA or CPC members only. 

Workshop content

PART A: Production workshop

We’ll start with a practical session that aims to help participants understand how to break down a script and/or idea and ballpark the costs: what’s involved, how many shoot days, and what the key elements are that make a script/idea expensive and complicated to shoot.

In this session, participants will break off into smaller groups with a production company EP/Producer who will guide them through this process. We’ll then come together to compare each group’s conclusions.

As a result, you’ll have hands-on experience of one way to tackle the brief, but you’ll also obtain an understanding of how different, additional thinking and approaches can complement an idea/script project when other teams have presented back.

PART B: ‘Out of the box’ creative project case study

Following the production workshop, we’ll take you through an award-winning and high-level creative project that relied on top-level production for success. The case study will be jointly presented by the agency and production company involved and will be followed by a panel and audience Q&A.


**The health and wellbeing of This Way Up attendees is our number one priority. We can ensure the event is consistent with the latest public health advice. As per Australian Government mandates, all staff and ticket holders must be double vaccinated to attend the creative festival. Venues are appropriately ventilated and hand sanitiser will be accessible.