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Applications are now closed for AWARD School 2021. Good luck everyone!


Is it free to apply?

When do applications close?
5pm, Thursday 25 February 2021 (online progarm 5pm AEDT)

When will I be notified if I've been successful/unsuccessful?
All applicants will receive email notification by 5 March 2021, 5pm.

What will I be judged on?
You will only be judged on your ideas! No professional artists/photoshop skills are required. You're welcome to trace images as required. 

I’m confused about question 1?
This question allows you to show the judges your personality. Have fun with it. 

I’m confused about question 2?
The first step is to find a bad ad in a magazine, newspaper, online, etc... Rip it out or print it out. Keep the ad it’s original size and stick it onto an A4 sheet (colour ads are fine) and take a picture of it so you have it as a JPG. Step two, create a better ad. Your ad must be black and white.

To determine the proposition in your bad ad, think about what the message inferred in the ad is. This may not be the headline, but what the ad is trying to say about the product or service. Use this as the same message you need to convey in your idea for your good ad. For example, an ad for fries may have a headline that says “cheap as chips”. The proposition – or meaning – inferred in this ad is that these fries are cheap. This is then the message your idea needs to include.

I’m confused about question 3 and 4?
Question 3 and 4 highlight a single minded proposition. A single minded proposition sums up the most important thing you can say about the brand or product. Keep this top of mind when you're coming up with ideas.

Here are some tips on how to crack a brief:

Get "hands-on" familiar with the product/service - review the website, hold the product, etc... Think about your experiences as a customer, did you see any unique selling points?

  • Talk with people that are the product/services’ target market, what do they think of the product/service. Show them your ideas, what do they think?
  • Look at the product/service category, what are their competitors doing well. What are they doing that's not so great?
  • Take a look at past AWARD School Winners portfolios, here
  • Take some inspiration from AWARD (online), D&AD, and ONE SHOW annuals. Most of these books are available at TAFE or Uni libraries, or speciality bookstores.
  • If you get a creative block, go for a run, do something you enjoy and then come back to it tomorrow. The best ideas can come at the most unexpected time.
  • Handy Hints here 

What's the difference between the goal and proposition?
Goal means what we ultimately want the ad to do, whether it’s to make people think a certain way or do a certain task. Proposition is what the ad should say.

Can I use a pencil?
Yes, but your final work should be drawn over with a black Sharpie/marker and scanned/photographed so it’s a JPG. Remember, no professional art skills are required and tracing is fine. This course is all about the idea and you will be judged on ideas.

Should my answers be landscape or portrait and what size - A4 / A3?
It’s your choice, landscape or portrait, but make sure your work uploads the correct way up. All judging will be held online so it’s best to keep this in mind and present work as A4 size. Written work (i.e. question 1 - if you choose to write rather than draw your response) can be typed on A4 and then saved as a JPG. All answers are restricted to a maximum of one page (except question two, which will entail two JPGs - the bad ad and your scamp).

Can I apply in more than one state/program?

I am an international student, can I still apply?
International Students must provide proof of either a work visa or a tourist visa. AWARD School will not accept applicants on student visas.

I currently have 12 months+ experience as an art director or copywriter in an advertising agency, can I still apply for AWARD School? 
Of course you can, and you can get work on ‘The Wall’* but your eligibility for a Top 10 position will be under review. Refer to full T&C's here

I've already done AWARD School, can I do it again?

I will be away on the submission deadline, can I get an extension?
No extension will be provided. However, you can submit early.

I’ve already booked a holiday and it means I’ll miss a lecture and/or a tutorial during the AWARD School course. Can I still attend AWARD School?
Yes, but it's strongly advised you view/attend all lectures and tutorials to get the most out of the course. We suggest you talk to the Advertising Council and your tutors as soon as you start the course. 

When do I need to pay and can you offer payment plans for the AWARD School fee?
The AWARD School fee is due as soon as possible to secure your placement via credit card/debit card only. Deadline: COB 17 March 2021. Unfortunately, we do not offer payment plans.

Can I submit my application before the deadline?
Yes, you can submit your folio anytime between Thursday 11th February 2021, 10am and Thursday 25th February 2021, 5pm via

When will I be notified if I've been successful/unsuccessful?
All applicants will receive email notification by 5 March 2021, 5pm.

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