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We've asked some of the best in the business to come along and share their infinite wisdom. We'll talk about process, inspiration and the all-important client relationships. This event is about asking questions, getting answers and having a glass of wine.

We've asked some of the best in the business to come along and share their infinite wisdom. We'll talk about process, inspiration and the all-important client relationships. This event is about asking questions, getting answers and having a glass of wine.

The Work Behind the Work is an exclusive event bringing you inspiring behind-the-scenes insight into some of Australia's finest creative campaigns and the teams involved in bringing them to life.

The Work - Sydney 

  • Project Revoice | BWM Dentsu and FINCH | Client: ALS Association | Presented by Asheen Naidu (Executive Creative Director), BWM Dentsu & Emad Tahtouh (Co-Founder & Managing Director), Nakatomi. 

Project Revoice uses a unique deep learning algorithm to analyze recorded audio data and create a complete digital clone of a person’s voice. When integrated with text-to-speech devices, this gives people with ALS (Motor Neurone Disease) the ability to speak freely and naturally in their own voice, even after they lose it. We launched this life-changing program by recreating the voice of Pat Quinn, ALS sufferer and co-founder of the Ice Bucket Challenge, using audio from interviews and speeches as raw material. We then integrated Pat’s ‘Revoice’ with his eye-tracking computer and captured the moment when he finally spoke again.

  • Stop Your Boobs Playing their Own Game The Monkeys | Client: Berlei | Presented by Charlotte Marshall (Strategic Planner) Shannon Duhig (Senior Content Director), Chloe Banicevic (Senior Art Director), Archana Murugaser (Senior Copywriter) & Barbara Humphries (Creative Director)

Berlei’s range and expertise in sports bras is unrivalled. To prove it, we leveraged a simple but untold truth; that your boobs move differently in different sports. A provocative and visually arresting brand film demonstrated the impact different sports have on women's breasts when they’re not wearing a supportive sports bra. With boobs flying, being hit, squashed and bounced, the film was enlightening, empathetic and impossible to ignore. Results proved it. Sports bra sales increased a massive 10% YOY, we achieved 20%+ message recall and got more than 5 million eyeballs to our important PSA.

  • AutoAds | CHE Proximity | | Presented by Cameron Bell, Creative Director, & Sam Dickson, Creative Director, CHE Proximity

Carsales’ AutoAds ensured anyone trying to sell their second-hand car via carsales received a one-of-a-kind, expensive feeling car ad to help their sale - for free. It is a cloud-based, ad generating platform that uses car listing data to automatically create thousands upon thousands of bespoke commercials. Sellers didn’t have to lift a finger. All they had to do was list their car as they normally would, and the data was seamlessly used to create a unique TV ad. The ads could be easily shared on their social networks (a selection were even played on broadcast TV).

The event will be moderated by Liz Harper, Creative Agency Partner, Facebook

The Work - Melbourne

  • Myer Christmas Bauble | Clemenger BBDO Melbourne | Client: Myer | Presented by Pippa O’Regan (General Manager) and Stephen De Wolf (Executive Creative Director) Clemenger BBDO.

Instead of following the well-trodden path of big emotive Christmas TV, Clemenger BBDO Melbourne bucked the trend with Myer and delivered Christmas in a completely new way.
Rather than talking about the magic of Christmas, we sold it (for the bargain price of $19.95).

The objective was to make Myer the destination of choice for families during Christmas, so we gave them a new reason to visit, by tapping into a Christmas tradition and creating an ‘only at Myer’ exclusive must-have product – the Naughty or Nice Bauble. The custom designed smart bauble helped children (and their parents) see where they were on Santa’s naughty or nice list, glowing green for good and red for not so good.

Following the national launch across a number of channels, the nation embraced the bauble and they sold out both instore and online in just 11 days. Then as the baubles were activated across the country, we were able to use sentiment and location data to show how Australia was behaving though OOH, digital & social channels to continue the conversation.

  • 42 | Cummins&Partners Melbourne | Client: Australian Red Cross Blood Service | Presented by Johnny Corpuz (Head Of Connections Strategy) and Adam Slater (Associate Creative Director) Cummins&Partners.

In “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy”, Douglas Adams wrote that the number 42 is ‘the answer to the great question of life, the universe and everything’. Since then, the number that has made regular appearances in popular culture, as an Easter egg in films and TV shows such as Iron Man, The Big Bang Theory and Lost. Everything from asteroids, computer science labs and even parts of the Large Hadron Collider have been named after the number. But until now, no one has been able to explain exactly why the number 42 is so special.

In an unexpected campaign designed to encourage regular blood donations, The Australian Red Cross Blood Service decided it was time to give one of science fiction's biggest mysteries a definitive answer – by explaining that 42 isn't just the meaning of life. It's the key to saving them.

  • Enter Asahi | The Monkeys | Client: Asahi | Presented by Navin Arunasalam (Account Director), Hugh Gurney (Copywriter), Joe Sibley (Art Director), The Monkeys

Enter Asahi is a surreal, stylised journey into the mysterious world of Japan. The film uses elements of Japanese culture that are well understood in western societies, such as geisha, bonsai, technological advancement, devotion and loyalty to perfection, samurai and cherry blossom.

The film celebrates and in some cases exaggerates these elements to create a vision of Japan that resonates with audiences worldwide. Realising the need to create an idea that would break through a category often diluted with stories of mate-ship and camaraderie we set out to reposition Asahi Super Dry as a brand that inspires beer drinkers to ‘embrace the unknown’. 

The event will be moderated by Naomi Gorringe, General Manager, Leo Burnett.

This event is presented by AWARD, The Communications Council and sponsored by Facebook.