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When We Believe, We Can
- by The Editors Bronze Winner
— 2015

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Bronze Winner — 2015

When We Believe, We Can- The Editors


Bernard Garry ASE Editor
Crighton Bone DOP
Hamish Rothwell Director (Goodoil Films)
Christy Peacock Art Director (M&C Saatchi)
Michael Andrews Art Director (M&C Saatchi)
Christy Peacock Copywriter (M&C Saatchi)
Andy Flemming Creative Director (M&C Saatchi)
Andy DiLallo Executive Creative Director (M&C Saatchi)
Ben Welsh Executive Creative Director (M&C Saatchi)
Tom McFarlane Regional Creative Director (M&C Saatchi)
Sam Long Executive Producer (Goodoil Films)
Loren August Agency Producer (M&C Saatchi)
Song Zu Sound Design
Hayley Mathews Group Account Director (M&C Saatchi)
Goodoil Films Production Company
The Editors Edit House
SoundTree London Music Production Company
M&C Saatchi Agency
Commonwealth Bank of Australia Client