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Play the Bridge
- by Special Group Limited Bronze Winner
— 2015

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Bronze Winner — 2015

Play the Bridge- Special Group Limited


Jess McColl Programmer
Augusta Grayson 2D Team (Ikon)
Chantelle Hurndell 2D Team (Ikon)
Ashleigh Lawson 2D Team (Ikon)
Meei Chai 2D Team (Ikon)
Malcolm Phillips 2D Team (2degrees Mobile Limited)
Trent Harnett 2D Team (2degrees Mobile Limited)
Josie Sutherland 2D Team (2degrees Mobile Limited)
Charlotte Johnson 2D Team (2degrees Mobile Limited)
Hamish Stevenson Producer (Gladeye)
Stuart Mallarkey Account Director
Victoria Fruean Account Director (Spark)
Samantha Parsons Senior Account Director
Gemma Doughty Senior Account Director (Spark)
Michael Redwood Managing Partner
Rob Jack Creative Partner
Tava Graham Managing Director (Gladeye)
Claire Beatson Planning Director
Teresa Harris Planning Director
Two Degree's Mobile Limited Client