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Breast Milk
- by Y&R New Zealand Bronze Winner
— 2015

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Bronze Winner — 2015

Breast Milk- Y&R New Zealand


Kate Lill Art Director
Zoe Edwards Copywriter
Guy Denniston Creative Director
Gavin Siakimotu Creative Director
Josh Moore Chief Creative Officer
Michael Frogley Editor
Amanda Sasano Editor
James Wendelborn Designer
Christina Hazard Head of Production
Marique Knight Agency Producer
Aimee Knox Account Director
Angela Weeks Production Partner (Lewis Road Creamery)
Storm Day Production Partner (Lewis Road Creamery)
Nic Winslade Planner
Nicky Greville Media Company (Y&R Media)
Aimee McCracken Media Company (Y&R Media)
Leanne Wilkins PR (Duo PR)
Kyra Holland PR (Duo PR)
Phillipa Green Client Executive (Breast Cancer Cure)
Y&R New Zealand Agency
Breast Cancer Cure Client