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By Ant White, Chief Creative Officer CHE Proximity and AWARD Committee member

By Ant White, Chief Creative Officer CHE Proximity and AWARD Committee member

For a lot of creative people around the world, seems we had more questions about what COVID-19 would mean for creativity than what it would do to our lungs and respiratory systems.

Creatives were genuinely FREAKING OUT!!!!

“How will we collaborate at a safe distance?”

“Is zoom the new production model”

“Will everything be animated?”

“Will brands lose their confidence?”

“Can people still buy stuff?”

“Should we pivot our strategy and tell people, ‘we are there for them’?”

“Ok, Google, what is a pivot?”

A pivot is a noun. a pin, point, or short shaft on the end of which something rests and turns, or upon and about which something rotates or oscillates. the end of a shaft or arbor, resting and turning in a bearing. any thing or person on which something or someone functions or depends vitally: he is thepivot of my life.

“Ok, let’s not do that.”


“What’s this Donation Dollar thing?”

Months after COVID had sent us to work from our bedrooms, home-school our kids, never ever shower again ever, and eat too much sourdough, the work made during one of the most challenging years in human history started to shine through. Work from this region. Work from creative people who instead of asking questions, got on with it.

Somehow, the Australian Mint manufactured millions of coins that will enter the donation cycle for decades to come. For when we’re ready to use money again.

I hit play on a refreshingly bonkers techno tune for Steggles Turkey. Then a rock workout, then a hip-hop song. It was music to my ears.

The TAB turned an empty stadium into a symphony and masterpiece.

ALDI sent a flock of wild, fresh and affordable bananas flying through the Australian Outback. Big, bold production was returning.

NRMA created road signs for caravanners and protected the slow way of life.

(Yes, of course I’ll take this opportunity to give my team a shout out. Hey Gav. Hey Holly. Brent)

A press conference for Super Cheap Auto.

Chorus ‘How we internet’ was a little too close to home

Mark Hamill and Patrick Stuart fought over dinner in front of a global audience.

Myer gave us lots of reasons to celebrate Christmas.

And Virgin made its return to the skies.

That’s just some of the stuff that caught my attention.

The work coming out of this region proved that creativity didn’t just survive, it showed us that when the world was ending, we did what we do best - solve problems through entertaining, inspiring and innovating.

Data shows that the work from Australia was the third most-viewed on LBB. Globally. What we did this year was envied, both from agency and production company perspectives.

If we choose to, we can become consumed by self-criticism and spineless trolling, yet when we look at it globally, we certainly are leading the world through this testing time.

So, whatever you did, if there was ever a year to test your metal against some of the best work, then enter AWARD Awards.

Entries are open for the 42nd AWARD Awards and will close on Friday 11 December. Final deadline for entries (incurring a late fee) is 22 January 2021. Full information here.