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Winners to be announced on Friday 12 June

Winners to be announced on Friday 12 June

Australasian Writers and Art Directors (AWARD) today confirmed new dates for judging and the announcement of the winners of the 2020 AWARD Awards.

Today’s news follows the postponement last month of this year’s AWARD Awards due to the COVID-19 situation. The 2020 winners will be announced on Friday 12 June.

The winners announcement will follow the virtual judging round which will now take place from Monday 25 May to Friday 5 June, and Grand Award judging which will be held on Tuesday 9 June 2020.

“When we entered lockdown it was the right thing to do to postpone for a few reasons. Given the lay of the land we think it’s important to move ahead with confirmed dates for the judging and announcing of this year’s AWARD Awards winners,” said AWARD Chair Cam Blackley.

“While we knew we were making the right decision last month to temporarily put AWARD Awards on hold because of Coronavirus, that didn’t make it easier.”

“So being able to say we’re now back on track is very good news for all the finalists, judges and the AWARD Community.” Cam said.

He added that judges and jury chairs are delighted that they can resume their judging roles.

“All the judges have already put in a huge amount of work in deciding on the list of finalists which were announced back on March 5th when the world was a very different place.

“Now that we have the new, key dates in place, it’s time to recognise the best of the best from round here,” Cam said.

While the AWARD Awards show itself has been cancelled for this year, Cam said that AWARD would ensure that when announced, the 2020 winners will receive all the accolades they deserve.

“We’re still gutted we can’t hold an Awards ceremony, especially given the amazing plans we had for this year, but we’ll be announcing our alternative approach in coming weeks,” he said.

The AWARD 40th Celebration and AWARD Creative Festival, which were postponed last month, will be held later this year, with dates dependent on developments in the COVID-19 situation.

A full list of the 2020 AWARD Awards finalists is available.