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Ultimate Death Scene
- by The Works Bronze Winner
— 2015

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Bronze Winner — 2015

Ultimate Death Scene- The Works


Tony Prescott Director (TaxiFilm)
Robert Morton DOP (RobertCMorton)
Leo Barbosa Art Director
Adam Bodfish Copywriter
Paul Swann Creative Director
Mark Harricks Creative Director
Damian Pincus Executive Creative Director
Tristan Drummond Producer
Hugh Haling Music Composer (Haling Harmony)
Gillian Snowball Account Manager
Juliette Hynes Account Manager
Catriona Heaphy Account Manager
Leo Hennessy Planner
Damien HUghes Strategy Director
Jeff Hansen Client Executive (Sea Shepherd)
Adam Burling Client Executive (Sea Shepherd)
Stephen Amis Client Executive (Sea Shepherd)
Sea Shepherd Client