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Rescue Helicopter Service
- by Revolver/Will O'Rourke Bronze Winner
— 2016

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Bronze Winner — 2016

Rescue Helicopter Service- Revolver/Will O'Rourke


Stuart Dryburgh DOP
Steve Rogers Director
Anna Paine Art Director (DDB Sydney )
Owen Bryson Copywriter (DDB Sydney)
Libby Hams Creative Workflow (DDB Sydney)
Noah Regan Creative Director (DDB Sydney)
Matt Chandler Creative Director (DDB Sydney)
Toby Talbot Creative Director (DDB Sydney)
Ben Welsh Chief Creative Officer (DDB Sydney)
Isabella Harris Junior TV Producer (DDB Sydney)
Pip Smart Executive Producer and Producer
Justin Bromley Post Production Producer (Fin )
Alastair Stevens Post Production Producer (Fin )
Alyce Guy Post Production Producer (DDB Sydney)
Sevda Cemo Head of Integrated Content (DDB Sydney)
Simon Price Editor (Arc Edit)
Elena Kats-Chernin Music Composer (Nylon Studios)
Ben Eagleton Colourist (BE Colour)
Tim Lunken Project Manager (DDB Sydney)
Allison Stratten Group Account Director (DDB Sydney)
Angela Beals Senior Business Director (DDB Sydney)
Bianca Cohen Business Executive (DDB Sydney)
Jess Glass Senior Business Manager (DDB Sydney)
Angela Pavlak Account Director (DDB Sydney)
Lisa Mackenzie Business Director (DDB Sydney)
Chiquita King Managing Partner (DDB Sydney)
Michael Ritchie Managing Director and Executive Producer
Robert Crispe Content Director (DDB Sydney)
Damien Eamer Strategist (DDB Sydney)
Nick Andrews Strategist (DDB Sydney)
Dom Hickey Strategist (DDB Sydney)
Frances Clayton Strategist (DDB Sydney)
James Legge Strategist (DDB Sydney)
Cushla Morton Art Buyer
Margot Wilson Production - Design
Revolver/Will O'Rourke Production Company
DDB Sydney Agency
Westpac Client