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The Best Holidays Are Created Together
- by Exit Films Silver Winner
— 2016

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Silver Winner — 2016

The Best Holidays Are Created Together- Exit Films


Joe Cook DOP
Kiku Ohe Director
Henry Hewat Art Director (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Hannah Habgood Copywriter (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Karla Tarr Copywriter (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Dave Brady Creative Director (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Nick Worthington Creative Chairman (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Jen Storey Head of TV (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Serena Fountain-Jones Producer (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Vivienne Jaspers Producer
Mahuia Bridgman-Cooper Music Composer (Franklin Rd)
Jon Cooper Sound Design (The Coopers)
Brent Courtney Designer (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Nives Zagorac Account Manager (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Natalie Downes Business Director (Colenso BBDO Auckland)
Exit Films Production Company
Colenso BBDO Auckland Agency
House of Travel Client