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Tiger Beer - Wok
- by Heckler Silver Winner
— 2016

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Silver Winner — 2016

Tiger Beer - Wok- Heckler


Andrew Holmes Editor
Pedro Del Ray DOP (The Sweet Shop, Sydney)
SEGA Director (The Sweet Shop, Sydney)
Jimmy Bong Art Director (The Sweet Shop, Kuala Lumpur)
Tommy Cehak Art Director (Droga5 Sydney)
Darren Lovejoy Art Director (The Sweet Shop, Vietnam)
Gavin Chimes Copywriter (Droga5 Sydney)
Andy Fergusson Creative Director (Droga5 Sydney)
David Nobay Creative Chairman (Droga5 Sydney)
Daniel Ho Executive Producer (The Sweet Shop, Sydney)
Edward Pontifex Executive Producer (The Sweet Shop, Sydney)
Wilf Sweetland Executive Producer (The Sweet Shop, Sydney)
Aborah Buick Post Production Producer (Heckler)
William Alexander Executive Post Producer (Heckler)
Holly Alexander Head of Production (Droga5 Sydney)
Kyra Bartley Animator
Juan Serrano Animator
Simon Robson Animation Director
Maxence Peillom Compositor
Scott Maclean Colourist
Richard Sweetman Business Director (Droga5 Sydney)
The Sweet Shop Production Company
Droga5 Sydney Agency
Heineken - Tiger Beer Client